Malcolm Stansfield – An Angel in Our Sky

Friendships are formed by an electrical charge that zaps two people into a wondrous relationship, some people have that extra ‘thing’ going on; Malcolm Stansfield your brightness as a man now shines as a heavenly star, your laughter, your generosity of spirit and stunning charisma radiates so much warmth in many hearts.

It’s a lightning bolt shock when one receives news of the death of a friend, especially when that loved one is an integral part of ones youth, hopes and aspirations.

An afternoon nap on the sofa was to be the entry into his ‘big sleep’, death has become the mightiest of his dreams as his consciousness now soars upward and beyond our star – filled sky.

Mal was indeed a dreamer. He reflected sensitively upon the ideals of love, romance, friendship, family and fun. He fulfilled the idea of living life as a celebration and beamed a smile like the colours of all the world’s flowers placed in one room; he lit up that room as brightly as a man can do.

Memories transform like shadows ever changing; their definition distorts as the sun shines brightly behind billowy clouds.

Like all real friends, we had a truthful relationship. I’m saddened knowing that we last spoke too many years ago, our recent connection on Facebook an indictment of contemporary living, resulting in my messages to you being abbreviated. I did want to tell you of my many recent experiences and ramble on as old mates do. Over the years we have laughed, argued, played, sang, and danced – yep, we danced a lot.

I will cherish our youthful connection as treasure of rubies and gold.

Thank you for bringing your unique style into my heart and life experience; you have filled many hearts with your energy and lust for life. Sweet dreams old friend, our night sky has a new sparkle as your brightness lives in all that shines back to me. You will never be forgotten.

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