Being wakeful enables you to approach each days meaningful challenges with gusto, it’s meaningless chores are completed quickly, and ultimately ensures that you have the rhythm of being Alive dancing through your veins; rub the fairy dust from those sleepy eyes and wake the Funk up.

We all walk our individual life path, well, some of us run, yet we all sing the tune of thyself; follow your instincts and trust those inner thoughts and dreams, your songlines to life provide the path to your destiny and success.

Walking along a darkened path late last night, not a brilliant idea, but a necessary short cut home, I was awestruck by a disfigured human form in the distance. Her heavy overcoat created a bestial like shape that hobbled along with too many shopping bags, what appeared to be a clubfoot accompanied by a  walking stick added to the illusion of a man from Dickens London.

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