Sitting upon a sand dune, high above the sea; I was caressed by floating cloud puffs, memory, and the love of family.

It has been 18 years since my mother died quite suddenly and very tragically. It has taken 18 years for my brother, sister and me to realise that our lives were ultimately blessed on what began as a seemingly ordinary spring day, which is to say, the day that our mother took her life away.

Suicide has a jolting impact upon the family and friends of the person “committed” to their own physical demise. I know through many years of questioning, and ultimately, of healing, that suicide brings the gift of  understanding how beautifully brief our human Life is. I understand the paradox of happiness and sorrow, each as important as the other, just as sure as day will shade into night to become a new day again, so too will saddened tears quietly bloom into joyful smiles.

We all traverse the terrain of our lives as children, well perhaps as grown up children, and as we grow and learn we hopefully relish the challenges our adult experience presents with courage and a continued youthful enthusiasm. We all must face the truth of birth, death, pain, joy, success and failure, these are but aspects of our human condition that we all share; some of us choose to celebrate, and some of us close the door to personal growth and self care.

I witnessed a beautiful woman slowly drown her life away, her tears were to become mine, and my family’s despair was to become our story of shared pain. After many years we all slowly awakened to our healed hearts; Time does Heal all Pain, some of those cornball sayings are absolute truths y’know.

I stood upon a precipice, it was on a sand dune at Emu Bay, with my brother standing by my side, my sister and family on the beach below, a new dawn had broken as a gentle breeze blew softly grayed clouds above; We released our Mothers ashes to sand, sky and sea, her Spirit now soars as one, for all Eternity.

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