It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, perception of  oneself and the world we share is to be respected and mastered for our true beauty to be seen and self actualised.

I spent a fantastic few hours with my dear friend, Neil Seligman, on saturday afternoon; he is a great coach, energetic healer, photographer, and a radiantly beautiful human being. We were applying a developed healing method of his that operates within the energetic domains of  spontaneous human movement, meditation, and vision, this allows one to move freely, thus expressing a deeper intelligence without words, and creates a meditative environment for inner vision to expand.

The human form is indeed a complex and magnificent structure, I know as a massage therapist(for nearly 20 years!) that the body “speaks” a language of it’s own, our emotional centre goes beyond the psychological as our very nerve endings contain our story of pain, joy and fear. Some people may break down in tears by a  soothing touch upon their shoulders, we all have a sense of love and warmth when we are hugged or held reassuringly. Likewise, when watching a dance performance one’s spirit is uplifted as you witness well honed bodies speak a narrative through rhythm and sound.

As I was working with Neil, in a meditative space of true clarity and authentic being, I was intrigued by a vision that kept blinking at my conscious awareness, for I was seeing an eye, an all encompassing and open eye, at one moment it was mauve, at the next it was golden. I was Witness to an aspect of my higher self, for it was my eye that I was a witness to, in that moment I beheld a sense of peacefulness, objective, trusting, a complete connection to my inner being mirrored in the reflection of my visionary eye.

My sessions with Neil are always soothing and uplifting, his energetic work vibrates your being with a subtle power; like basking under the sun I have been warmed and re-energised.



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