Our bodies are a design of biological perfection, we are made of skeleton, muscle, nerves, organs and a cocktail of biochemical complexity that fuels our movements, thoughts, meaning and emotions. Our minds and hearts allow for creativity to flow, and our consciousness to look outside of itself , our body is wondrously connected as soul in action.

I am fascinated by the intrinsic, fragile and gloriously complex human form, as a wellness coach I train individuals to push through their limits of physical strength and endurance, this increases heart rate, burns calories, oxygenates the body, and stimulates positive hormone production which ultimately allows a body to grow and change it’s shape, what a marvel!!

We have within our bodies a series of stunning systems within systems, you could say that it is like the universe itself, most of these systems are observable, and as such can be measured, studied, and understood. Our modern medical and scientific understandings have given our civilisation new ways to heal, longevity of life, and in many circumstances saved us from an early death (this is the reason I love scientific reductionists, good work!).

And yet, within this rational scientific body lives our consciousness, the mind, the thing that fills our life with creative awareness, allows our dreams to flow and goes beyond the measurable and observed as it’s subtleties are so fine,  like dew upon a spiders web.

The human brain is still not yet fully understood, it houses our body systems like the hard drive of a computer, constantly reading data, firing off thoughts, telling the body to breathe, calibrating movement, and influencing emotional surges.  I like to think of our brain as being the antennae to our physical world and the receptor to our soul connection, it is the divine creation to new worlds of possibility, our modem that connects ancient traditional beliefs to present day facts.

Soul is found on the dance floor  as music vibrates through our being and makes you wanna move, it’s heard as song that caresses your ears and heart with it’s tone and poetry. Spirit is heightened when we gather together as family and celebrate a specific ritual, or quite simply watch the World Cup in global unison. Art is spirituality in observable form as our minds connect with an interpretation of feeling or thought, the brain processes what it sees and hears, our higher self connects with the intangible beauty of truthful perfection.

I know through a daily routine of eating well, regular exercise, meditating, and staying updated with the latest scientific discoveries, plus your participation of maintaining a regular spiritual practice, that your body/soul unison will be beautifully and healthily realised.

Trust that your life experience is both physical and meta physical, and those smiles will last all day long.

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