As I was cycling home under the golden rays of sunshine I was amused by a road sign stating an adverse camber ahead, my humour at the various warning signs to life, a common announcement on London roads and anything public, quickly dissipated as I sensed how easy it is for all of us to get off track with our desires, wishes and goals, better to read the signs, than plunge into oncoming traffic unwittingly.

Developing your intuition and trusting your gut is one of the great advantages that clarity brings to a busy mind.

In fact, our gut is wired by the enteric nervous system, a neural feedback system that has been reported as being as important as the fine network in our brain, it houses a complex of biochemical releases which stimulate digestion, muscular motions, and dare I say, emotions too. You know that funny feeling that happens in your stomach, that’s the enteric nervous system in action, try reading the emotions or feelings  arising when the gut instinct occurs and relate that to your thoughts, and the space that you are in, as your body is speaking it’s truth very clearly.

Sometimes our decisions are created by the random actions of a life experience which forces us off course, our vehicle no longer heads to our desired location, the immediate response is to realign that steering wheel and keep a steady pace. Knowing that you have the strength, focus and skill to follow through is truly beneficial, this knowledge gives you the ability to navigate through the terrain of life with the deft hand of a race car driver.

Lookout for the signs ahead, your body speaks to you every day, how does it feel, is it rested, is it anxious, is it safe, is it ready to go?  Read your gut in relation to these questions as it will tell you exactly where you are and what may be ahead. Being prepared for those adverse cambers initiates corner taking with pleasure and ease, I love accelerating on the bend!

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