Living life with a positive connection to self and others is made super easy with a little loving and a lotta knowing that it’s all good.

Having clarity around personal goals, appreciating the simple aspects of life and love, being healthy, and sharing your individual perspective to the world at work and at play assists the connection with positive living.

Sculpt a clear perspective on the meaning of life. You are the artist who creates, moulds and shapes your reality, see it as a precious jewel, wear it with pride, you have your very own design cast from genetics, psychology, spiritual influences, or not, education, and the myriad of different experiences that your human expression has been given up to this point in time.

Try to do something new every week, no matter how small, it will add to the fun and laughter of being free, look at how children are in a constant state of exploration and joy, we tend to drop our leisure pursuits as our adult responsibilities overtake time schedules, so slot in some “free time to play”.

Meet new people as often as possible, we don’t know who is about to become a friend, at the very least conversations with strangers can be quite refreshing, if not illuminating, and sometimes scintillating!

Be open to the wonders of the world and the people in it, it truly is a beautiful place to be. Maintaining a sense of self is all the more pleasurable with a curiosity to fresh experiences, realising that you are the master of your art, and a daily affirmation that life “c’est tout bon”.

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