Inject truth, love, honour, integrity and connection into your veins and consciousness, these are not just words, they are principled constructs that when applied create a truly rewarding and wondrous life.

The question is, are you or are you not comfortably numb?

So many people walk through their lives asleep within the dream of their experience, routines and behaviours are executed automatically as thoughts, words and actions blend into tooth brushing and other obligatory ablutions. We live in an exciting time of our human evolution as technology has integrated our world into immediate access of global knowledge, at the push of a button we have connection with politics, health, finance, art, life, death, flood, famine, and each other. Splash some awareness upon the morning ritual and you are waking up.

At no other time in human history has the global collective been so interwoven into each others individual present reality, the responsibility to live life with principles is of utmost importance, by nurturing oneself, you have the foundations to a healthy and successful you.

Truthful living is simple in theory, and yet it is always a refreshing delight to be in conversation with someone who walks the talk of honesty. I like to clarify that truth is not about being harmful and frank, neither to oneself nor to others, it is having an objective awareness of situations and being able to live with your choices with conviction. Speaking the truth creates great relationships, living the truth creates a fantastic life, being the truth is like flying amongst the clouds.

Love, it makes the world go around, we are designed to be in it, to give it, and to share it.

Honour maintains healthy relationships, commitments are obliged with diligence, it holds families and friendships together through tough times and shields our hearts with protection amongst uncertainty. Having self respect ensures that all other connections will be honourable, the energetic exchange of this principle has kept individuals and societies cohesive in times of upheaval, stay strong to this gilded power.

Integrity ensures that our thoughts and actions are united to our loved ones, and to our community, our relationships are true, our careers are fulfilling, and our dreams and plans for self development are followed through.

Our connections to others and our self are made all the more stimulating by injecting these guiding principles into your daily life, so pin prick your being, and become outrageously alive as that comfortable numbness radiates into the warmth of living.

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