I was cycling home the other night, gliding silently upon London streets, my legs being the main power source that moved my body, it suddenly dawned upon me that the simplicity of riding a pushbike totally beats driving as I noticed a man in the car next to me sporting a serious paunch stuffed into the confines of his porsche.

Sometimes it’s hard not to become a fitness fascist as my work and lifestyle dictates daily exercise and healthy eating, well balanced meals eaten regularly throughout the day are an essential to maintain even energy levels, reduced fats and sugars are prerequisites for slimmer tummies and thighs, and having to move the body to get around town truly assists the arteries, heart rate and a more peaceful mind (when riding the bike yelling at white vans and taxis is entirely cathartic!).

We live in a time of excess, all is available to us at the flick of a switch, we have instant entertainment, meals cooked within minutes, cars to speed around in, lifts and escalators to move us up and down, it’s no surprise then that so many people battle with the bulge. Being healthy of course does not mean that all people should be skinny, as we are all made to our individual lovable selves, some are big, some are small, either way it is up to the individual to take care of themselves to the best of their ability within their genetic predisposition.

Incidental exercise is a sure way of maintaining at least the basics to a healthy body, by incidental I mean being proactive about the day to day movements that are made, and making a conscious effort to move instead of not. Taking the stairs instead of a lift when appropriate is always great, of course working in a 30 story building is a little ridiculous, but hey why not? Most busy cities have an underground transport network, walk up and down the escalators instead of standing still. When returning home from work get off the bus or train a few stops before the home station and clock up some cardio time. Get on your bike and ride your way around town, it strengthens the legs, increases the heart rate, burns the calories and puts a smile on the face as those endorphins kick in their happiness.

Socio economics dictates a persons health, in the world we all share today the richer one is the healthier they are, and yet, by simplifying one’s life with clean healthy eating, walking, bike riding and moving, a person can create a rich life of reduced body fat, health and wellbeing.

So, throw the car keys into the fruit bowl, grab a banana and start walking or bike riding today, as “no porsche really does mean no paunch”.

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