Remaining calm, clear and connected can be a challenge, yet with a daily meditation practice you will soon realise that every ‘thing’ is ticketyboo.

We all face daily stressors of work, family obligations, relationship highs and lows, running around the park with your personal wellness coach, you name it and label it and you’ve got it. Some things are inescapable, others can be faced and dealt with in a calm and responsible manner, all it takes is some quiet time alone, a few deep breathes to connect body to mind and you’re on your way to the wonderful world of meditation and mindfulness.

Like all aspects of fitness, meditation takes  some practice before the true benefits can be enjoyed, those first few weeks are seriously frustrating as new ways of processing thoughts and feelings are being programmed into your synapses. Studies have demonstrated that a daily meditation  practice stimulates  the left prefrontal cortices which are associated with positive emotion, our minds become more ‘elastic’ as we respond to situations with objectivity rather than react with subjective flamboyance.

The effects of  regular meditation are long lasting and possibly life altering, a skilled practitioner can alleviate stress and  anxiety as the nasty fight or flight response can be reduced to a flicker, for some people sitting at a desk can be as emotionally charged as running away from danger in the woods. Cortisol is the stress hormone released as we respond to the wide variety of stimuli during our day, over time this may cause increased blood pressure,  increased heart rate and unhealthy levels of LDL (bad cholesterol).

Meditation positively enhances our neural networks as neurotransmitters release the chemicals wired into our consciousness that bring our connection to spirit and  to our higher selves, our every day reality can  be transformed into a deeper sense of truth toward self and most importantly to others as compassion, empathy and kindness become a given.

As we all forge forward, our human evolution demands clarity, a regular meditation practice increases concentration, goal planning and task setting is made easier to achieve and psychological pain may be eased as the power of personal insight leads to emotional objectivity.

Becoming present in mind, emotion and body creates a truly happier life. Meditation equates to a walk in the park, a training session in the gym or laying upon the beach, so get to it, you will quite quickly realise that all and every thing is Ticketyboo.

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