Cities have a charge of electric dimension, the random noise creates a crazy kinda Static.

Urban art is a particular form that I have appreciated since the 80′s, my teenage years of new wave sounds, break beats and all things New York was punctuated with the colourful designs sprayed upon buildings and any old industrial like structure. Pop motifs of bold script yelled political statements or simply signed off the artists name as a fluorescent version of “I was here”.

I just spent a year on the road traveling the United States and many countries of Europe, my appetite for contemporary art was sated as I journeyed through some of the world’s most celebrated galleries and yet, when walking outside, I was taken aback by the funky visuals painted by Urban Artists upon the world’s backstreets and crevices, a very real and solid art movement has evolved over the past 20 years, oops, I mean the past 30 years!!

Urban Art as a form is here to stay and the boys from Static have something to say.

I met Tom and Craig last November as they were painting the hoarding of Mutate Britain’s “Into The Grove”, a graffiti and urban art exhibition under the Westway at Ladbroke Grove. I was taking photos of them at work and approached them to ask of their design and what was about to transpire behind the big green walls they were painting. We easily broke into conversation of London’s happening alternative art scene which has grown beyond the finesse of Banksy.

These guys are young, affable and educated and it’s felt in their art. Static have a particular message which they satirically convey as their signature symbolises that we live in a time of War and Luxury. Static’s work demonstrates that our politicians are as transparent as World Wrestling Champions feigning their strength and might and that sometimes civil unrest plays like a game of twister.

Being printers as well as humourists, Static layer their individual pieces with expert precision, a serious dose of irony and then splatter and spray the rest.

If you wanna masterclass in the subtleties of spray can as artistic instrument these boys are professors.

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