As we all run around and lead our busy lives we often forget the simplistic beauty of who we are, the magic of breathe, and the importance of sharing our love with clarity. A  client of mine has suddenly passed away at the tender age of 39, her beauty, her zest for life, all her dreams and aspirations were silently engulfed by her untimely death, a huge void remains where her gorgeousness once physically stood.

Death of a peer is a shocking reality to face, I am stupefied by an overwhelming sense of the frailty of flesh and blood as the truth of mortality pulses through my veins.

I have a heightened sense of life, colours appear brighter, the laughter shared with loved ones belly aches deeper, those little niggly things which usually cause irritation seem insignificant, my personal frustrations have taken a back seat to my desire to remain calm and accepting.

It’s a cliche, but Life is to Celebrate. Each day brings us all the opportunity to sing our song, get on with our choices, and live a little more of the Dream we call life.

My clients name is Katy Baggot, although we only met a few months ago we shared in our experiences the importance of looking after ourselves, the trouble with men, why girls bottoms are challenging to train and how luck dictates the effects of cellulite. Katy was a bright, power filled and beautiful woman. I feel blessed to have made her acquaintance and will keep her light alive within the walls of my heart.

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