It is said “true beauty shines from within”, so let’s moisturise our souls,  bathe our thoughts in positivity and botox the demons.

I have the pleasure of working with many beautiful women and men, they are often the go getters, the kind of people who awake early to their day,  get into the office or their commitments straight away,  they talk fast as their thoughts are like a peak hour highway into a metropolis, obligations rule supreme and if they’ve met me we are sculpting them into physical perfection.

Physical beauty is a precious flower,  often in need of tender care as it’s fragility requires daily attention and focus. It’s too easy to become caught up within our physicality,  we all have morning rituals to prepare us for the outside world,  we hopefully eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and quite possibly follow fashion dictates of what’s in and what’s not. Our physical appearance is to be nurtured as it demonstrates a sense of positive self worth which makes us feel good and yet,  our True Beauty lays within.

We live in a time of external perfection as our modern media dictates our physical ideals. We are told to scrape, plump, peel, inject, bleach and that’s just to our delicate faces.  Aging has become a sin, it would appear that we are no longer allowed to look older than 35, this includes men and women, quite scary once you hit 40!

It’s time for a beauty revolution, it’s time to moisturise our soul,  to give our inner being a daily application of re-hydrating goodness.

Developing a daily ritual of meditation or prayer brings a certain clarity amongst the “busyness” of the day,  it allows for some quiet time and only takes 5 minutes to close the door, flick the phone on silent, sit in a relaxed position, take a deep breathe in and peacefully BE.  Our inner voices will soon settle down as the breathe will connect your body with mind,  the face will relax as the body surrenders to a few moments of calm, ignore those scattered thoughts,  keep focused on deep slow breathing. Some people like to use a mantra, others colour visualisation, prayer may include a devotional dialogue or some quite simply sit and Be with their breathe.

Our soul is given expression with love, emotional affection, creative flow, being sensitive to  inner needs, following through on intuitions,  being proactive with community projects, and for some, by living a spiritual practice.

Bathing oneself in positivity is integral to a happy and beautiful life. Being positive doesn’t mean falsifying the truth, we’ve all heard so much pop psycho babble which equates to a fake smile over sometimes quite serious negative cognitive thoughts and behaviours. Positive thoughts are about constructing a healthy outlook on one’s life,  being able to follow through on goals and plans, taking care of our emotional wellbeing, focusing attention on the good aspects of oneself and not repeating negative thought patterns, these are skills that can be even more developed with a psychotherapist.  Being around positive people influences us greatly, both professionally and personally.

So many of us allow the Demons to take over our thoughts, and oft times our actions, I say Botox it !

We all have a “devil inside”, that thing which makes us say or do the opposite of what we really wanted. Keeping the nasties at bay is made easier by injecting an honest and clear affirmation around yourself and your desires,  only we can lead ourselves in and out of situations. Accepting responsibility is an adult privilege, it’s funny how many of us still behave child like in many areas of our lives. I am all for freezing the negative, anti-gravitational pull toward the dark side and keeping a dignified fresh focus. Botoxing our negative thoughts and behaviours takes some courage as certain people and situations will be avoided, keep honouring oneself as the dividends will show a smooth freshness over time.

Effort and care are required to look after oneself. We all have to bathe and moisturise our minds, just as much as our body, our spirit gives flight when we take care of ourselves. The most beautiful people in my experience have a twinkle in their eyes, a smile in their heart and an openness to their life experience, when that is applied over great cheek bones, stunning !

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