Slaps pain us and Tickles feel great, but which one achieves the desired goal?

We all need a good slap once in a while, of course I am not suggesting a physical blow to our body, I mean it metaphorically, as in a truthful moment which awakens the sleeping aspect of our disengaged self.

My grandmother showered my youthful boy in big warm hugs, she tucked me into bed with butterfly kisses (by twinkling her eyelashes over my little face) and she didn’t hesitate in giving me a serious slap when my naughty nature caused mayhem. I realise now as an adult that there are times when a hug is needed and a time for serious discipline.

As a personal trainer I structure programmes for clients to assist them with exercise, healthy food lifestyle plans,  therapeutic bodywork treatments and encourage their conversation for future goal planning in both personal and professional aspects of their lives. There is a time to lay out boundaries, listen with truthful ears, discuss the past and create affirmations for future realities.  I enjoy assisting others with their aspirations, and feel privileged in hearing stories of individual perspectives, loves, successes and heartaches, this is a kind of Tickle.

Once goals are discussed and planned the hardest part of the commitment begins, that of DOING.

Doing means taking action of planned goals, following guidelines with discipline,  being determined to achieve whilst also enjoying life in a spontaneous way. I have discovered when in doubt, say “yes” it often guarantees a new experience and means while being disciplined one is also maintaining a sense of freedom with an open mind.

So many of us start new things with enthusiasm, we know the new changes we have made will create this fantastic new life experience, we will be thinner, stronger, leaner, meaner, clearer, in fact just all round better, and as time passes all of these things will happen it simply takes consistency and continued effort. Consistency and continued effort generally lasts about 12 weeks, this is a professional observation after 10 years as a personal trainer. Around the same time an individuals metabolism changes into upward gear, which means body shape is being sculpted into a more defined line, like magic the individual feels like they’ve done enough. A once determined mindset turns into a chaotic child as training sessions are rescheduled, dinners out become more frequent and the goals start to loose their initial power.

As an adult only I can create the change I desire.

I know Tickles feel great, they make us feel giddy as the reassured hands of laughter poke fun into our ribs. Yet once in a while we need a Slap, a wake up call, it’s about being an adult who is responsible for themselves, not a nasty tyrant, but a masterful,  nurturing presence over the life we choose to live. Following through on chosen goals, maintaining perseverance through times of discomfort and being honest about our relationships all requires the care and consistency of a grown up hand.

With consistency we are able to change and grow into our True self, perhaps life is best lived with a little Slap and Tickle?

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