These past months have been particularly challenging for many people that I know, it appears that the economic downturn has sent a deep ripple of uncertainty into the consciousness of most of us, even our brave business stalwarts appear rattled.

I always find being amongst nature a soothing comfort from my ordinary daily concerns, Hyde Park offers a tranquil green respite from busy city streets. The Serpentine Lake weaves it’s snake like form around Kensington Gardens and into Hyde Park as the Queen’s swan majestically bathe themselves alongside duck and geese. Swimmers practice their strokes at the Serpentine Swim Club, children run and bark gayly along the waters edge, dogs laugh and wag their tails as they inhale kaleidoscopic scents like school girls reading a gossip magazine.

I was laying upon fresh, soft green grass the other day whilst reading my latest book Straw Dogs by John Gray, the book a loan from my dear friend Matthew Usmar Lauder. John Gray discusses the many aspects to our human experience, our need to connect with our selves and each other, our drive to succeed in war, differing perspectives on scientific reductionism, nihilism, determinism, Platonic and Socratic truths. Not exactly a light read, at least not for me, but a highly relevant read at this point in time of our human civilisation. Gray discusses the idea of  ‘Biophilia’ the connections that human beings sub-conciously seek with the rest of life, as he says “the primordial feeling for other living things that links humans with their evolutionary home”.

We all have the responsibility to master a healthy connection to our self, our humanity and our environment.

In times of introspection while being amongst nature the trees will peacefully be with you, the sea and sand will soothe you, as will the love of family and friends. We are all intrinsically linked and like eco-systems in nature, our physical selves and our external environment are to be nurtured. Perhaps our economic downturn can be healed by a new found balance and natural harmony.

It’s time to be certain about our selves and our world so our biophilic pulse may beat to a healthy tune, like those moments of certainty always discovered amongst nature.

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