I believe “a healthy Body creates clarity of Mind, which connects Spirit to the Whole”. We are physical beings, and as such our physical health is hugely important. We must ensure that we exercise regularly, eat fresh whole foods, drink great quality water and get a sound nights sleep (if you can). A body that is strong in muscle tone is able to hold itself in correct posture with ease, recovers quickly from illness or injury and feels ignited with energy as each day arises. Regular exercise increases bone density, ensures strong connective tissues of ligaments and tendons, enhances cardio-respiratory fitness, balances hormonal systems and creates a sense of true self respect.

The Hippocratic oath dictates ” let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food “, the ancient greeks were onto something, the modern diet is full of choices, so best we make them fresh and healthy. Food is quite literally our bodies building blocks, protein is broken down into amino acids which are the foundation to all body tissues including muscle, nails, teeth and hair. Clean proteins are best, by clean I mean lean, low fat and fresh, all of which can be found in fish, lean red meats, eggs, legumes and pulses. Essential fatty acids are in oily fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel, free range eggs , game meats , nuts and seeds. These are essential and as such have to be added through dietary means, they assist the health of the nervous system , the reduction of bad cholesterol production , reduce tissues of triglycerides ( stored fats ) and appear to store glycogen while burning fat which is a plus for the active and athletic .

Vitamins and minerals are best consumed by eating a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, seasonal is always best so their nutrient value is at it’s peak. A daily general supplement can be taken just to top up on any trace elements that may be missed, and yet if you truly eat a well balanced diet you are most likely as healthy as you can be , supplements are an individual choice. A cross section of vitamins and minerals are also found in game meats as they roam freely and eat what nature intended, nuts and seeds likewise have a wide variety of nutritional value. Fibre is also found in fruit and vegetables which aids a healthy digestive system and may reduce the myriad of conditions that arise from a sluggish digestive tract.

Regular exercise alongside healthy eating truly uplifts the body which then allows the mind to be clear and calm. Clarity of mind gives you the power to make decisions with conviction, connects your emotional awareness to others with understanding, and brings you to a space within yourself of respect and self worth. A clear vision enables creativity to flow in business and in all relationships.

As body and mind flow in harmony with another, connection of spirit is enhanced. Our spirit is the world of possibilities, dreams and aspirations, the great artists speak of spirit painting for them, olympic athletes compete as spirit in physical action and singers tell of spirit leading their notes to song. An individuals spiritual practice may be that of meditation or prayer, or quite simply being passionate about their chosen fields of work and hobby to allow their self to soar.

I have had the pleasure of assisting many people to their healthier selves, and on many occasions been inspired by their individual perspectives and brilliance. As adults we have the responsibility of self care which is made more simple by living in a healthy body and mind, this will guarantee your spirit to soar.

I hope my little take on Health and Wellbeing brings some inspiration and light.

to your Health and Happiness.

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