I sprained my wrist a few weeks ago, it would appear the daily cycling, massaging and strength training schedule overloaded my ligaments, the shock of pain sent hot waves through my forearm as my mind quickly assessed the damage I had just created. As a massage therapist my hands are my work, I take particular care not to injure myself with repetitive muscular strains as is often the reason I may be treating a client, alas my little ligament had enough.

Feeling sorry for myself I ice packed it, strapped it, then continued on with my day. Two days later I awoke early upon a sunday morning to compete in a half marathon at the Eton Rowing Club. I was running in a “Pace Race”, these runs are timed at regular intervals so that one can assess how competent they are for future half and full marathon races. It was a cold morning in late march and the pain in my wrist was sending sensations into my arm, my nose was still a bit runny from the cold I had just recuperated from, I had felt healthier in the past so I anticipated a slower than usual run.

As my dear friend Sarah and myself headed over to our start places a very particular man jogged ahead of us,  he had an upper body of physical athleticism and a lower body that had been entirely replaced with metal, his legs were amputated from just below the waist and in replacement of his legs were the most incredible looking metal “springs”. As he ran his body moved with pure physical poetry, he was at one with movement, I was immediately filled with awe, with a sense of the power of human dedication, he was a running inspiration.

So many people, myself included, take our physical health for granted, my sprained wrist paled in comparison to this individuals achievement. I quickly reassessed how lucky I am to have legs that help me cycle, stand for hours on end, walk, dance, jump and to aid me to run through my favourite parks of London. I was truly inspired by this stranger of a man, he moved me to a higher understanding of human courage and dedication.

If you desire to achieve something you gotta get up and run with the crowd.


to your Health and Happiness.

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