I have been blessed, this I know is true.

Like most people I have met in my life, I have worked hard for everything that I own and I’m not talking about possessions. Owning a sense of who you are is one of the most important things we can aspire to and of course wealth and loveliness never goes astray. I have travelled many parts of the world, I have experienced deep and profound love, I have some of the world’s most beautiful people as my friends, and I worked for Tina.

Tina has a powerful femininity, a strength of spiritual steel and a girlish humour that infectiously made me laugh. I traversed the United States and many parts of Europe as Tina’s Personal Wellness Coach for her 2008/09 World Tour, it was a “sell out”. I was beguiled by her calm, sophistication and graciousness.

Tina showed me if you wanna make it big, you gotta keep the ego small, and that Love has everything to do with it.

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