To seek the Self requires Courage and Truth. It takes a man and woman many years of development that includes moments of joy, success and oft times tears of hardship to arrive at an adult understanding of their allusive Self.

I always thought of my ‘self’ as being the tiny ego thing that my mother railed against and, as I grew, the body that my lovers tenderly caressed. I was caught in the perception of the external reality of my world and my place within the “apparent random chaos” of our physical life. It is indeed a truth that the external body is the self and yet, as I have discovered, there lies another within all of us, this is our higher Self, please take note the higher Self has a capital s, which is to imply one’s bigger identity, how frightening!

As earth bound, physical and sentient beings we all maintain a physical barrier between each other and our outside world, this allows an individual their unique human experience. We have an idea of separation and our individuality as we plunge into our own thoughts, feelings and perspectives; these are the personal aspects of our self that are to be honoured, nurtured and gloriously explored .

I know through my own, albeit haphazard, meditation practice,  that another expansive Self lies quietly within, and oh boy is that world HUGE. It feels as though universes are only the blink of an eye away, lifetimes are limitless and love lives eternally. Our higher Self is connected to the universal energy system, one soon realises that we are all the same consciousness, we all dream within the same realm; individuality and separation disappear as connection screams vibrationally upon you.

Great thinkers in science, art and philosophy pushed new found intellectual and spiritual boundaries at the beginning of the 20th century, they had a dedication to Self exploration and a willingness to connect ancient ideas and practices to a modern mind. This has meant that as we have grown up in the late 20th century our ‘self’ would be questioned from new found perspectives, and perhaps our higher Self explored.

To seek the Self takes Courage and Truth .
Shadows and reflections pave my way .
I seek, I feel, I see.

I realised some time ago that I am a seeker as I have continued throughout my life to jump into new situations, explore the worlds of spiritual texts, popular sciences, art and film. I have dabbled in eastern meditation practices, studied kabbalah (admittedly, just for one year), travelled the globe, and most significantly I’ve formed relationships with men and women who question their identity and our place within our man made constructs.

Since childhood I have had a fixation on Shadows, my own shadow has given me much child-like amusement for probably too many years, I still ponder my shadow as I walk in the late afternoon sun, it’s distortion of shape creates an alien like darkness that I no longer recognise as mine. I have many photographs of shadows of buildings, shadows of the naked branches of trees, sign posts and all manner of city scape structures.

Within our very own psyche our psycho-emotional shadows reside, those darkened projections of the self that laze quietly until a situation arises that illuminates it’s disfigured form. Our internal shadows are to be observed for self awareness and clarity of mind; it is a refreshing individual who can see their own illusions and distortions.

Reflections are visually stimulating to my minds eye, I am in constant fascination of life seen in the reflection of shop front windows, rear view mirrors or a rain spattered puddle on a city street. My truth is reflected in the mirror of loves eye.

Emotional reflection enables one to process their life. It’s essential to take the time to ponder, to assess where we have come from, where we may be today and to plan or question what tomorrow may bring, to do this with feeling rather than thinking is an acquired skill. Reflection places you in time, lost loves are newly found, our departed live again, a new future can be created.

The path to our Self is created by a willingness to walk alone at times and to honour connection to shadow and reflection. To see things as they are is to be objective in all aspects of our lives, it’s entirely challenging, as it takes Truth to face our problems without subjective reaction. It is often easier to blame situations or others instead of acknowledging the role that “I” played. Feelings are to be nurtured, as our instincts are often true, and yet frequently ignored.

With a loving and certain heart many aspects of life are made clear; relationships are honest and our true self realises it’s perfection. Walk along the path to Self discovery and find your own way to happiness, fellow travellers are always guaranteed.

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