Connect With Me in Light and Love

I have had the privilege of traveling the world and meeting all sorts of  different people doing all sorts of different things. One never knows when a new friend is about to arrive or indeed when an old friend is about to depart; like our great oceans the flowing tides of love and relationship are in constant motion.

I met the very lovely Deborah Louise Levin through a new friend that I made while working in  Toronto, my year on the road as Tina Turner’s personal wellness coach certainly had it’s pluses. As our team of musicians and dancers body’s became increasingly misaligned from constant travel, a master of chiropractic care was called in.

Nitin Delawni and I clicked, so to speak, we share a mutual intrigue with the human body, how it moves and how best to integrate physicality to emotional clarity . We talked and laughed very easily, like old friends. Several years later Nitin introduced me to Deborah as she was visiting London and he sensed that we would appreciate each other, plus I am a guaranteed tour operator after years of cycling London roads and exploring it’s many different galleries, monuments and bars.

Deborah, a well known clairvoyant is an all round lover of life and creativity, she shines with an other-wordliness. Her humour is as dry as my favourite Canadian Molson Dry beer and as thirst quenching too. She has an eloquence of vibrational understanding that well traveled spiritual teachers exude – comforting, truthful and real.

Deborah sent me a message yesterday, a gift from higher realms. A friend of mine who passed away only a few weeks ago says to “connect with me in light and love”, these very words being the topic of many conversations that my dear friend and I had shared around the dining table, on the sofa or sitting under star filled skies sipping wine on hot Sydney summer nights.

Connection, truth, family, love; these are but the essentials to a happy life, of course some art on the walls and snazzy shoes are also a great bonus. It takes many wonderful and tragic experiences for all of life’s meaning to fall into place. As one continues to walk through life and grow it is with light and love that connections remain purposeful and true. One never knows when a new friend is about to appear nor when one is about to leave.

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