The Treatment Room is Ready

It’s taken a month of painting, clearing out, wallpaper hunting and fabric gathering, alas we’ve finally completed the Gym Down Under: Private Personal Training Studio and Massage Treatment Room. After spending the past 3 years travelling the globe for a rock super star and then traversing London’s busy streets as a home service personal wellness coach, I’m looking forward to developing a friendly, successful and fun-loving fitness business.

As a massage therapist and personal trainer I understand the need for people to have a space that they feel relaxed and comfortable in, the environment that we’ve created at Gym Down Under is conducive to health, relaxation and well being.

My treatment room is tight, literally and metaphorically as the walls are close bringing in a sense of protection from the crazy London outside world and a feeling of intimacy with self and practitioner. Forgive me, but I’ve fallen totally in love with the ‘Woods’ wallpaper by Cole and Sons, the idea of using this particular wallpaper was to enhance a sense of nature, solitude and self preservation, as this is what our natural environment does for us after all.

We’ve hung contemporary Aboriginal artwork upon the walls, plus a beautiful art piece painted for me by the artist Matthew Usmar Lauder. Matthew creates mesmerising personal art pieces for individual commission and galleries too, if you’re keen to have him create a special something for you he is always happy to meet new clients and make a new friend.

I only use Neals Yard Apothecary products as their organic and essential oil bases smooth the skin and aroma-therapeutically stimulates the senses. Essential oils may be warming, invigorating, relaxing, and when appropriate can be sensually arousing, their thousand year old history means that a modern therapist such as myself combines an ancient tradition with 21st century knowledge.

As a personal trainer and massage therapist it gives me great pleasure in assisting others with their health, fitness and relaxation needs, it’s even greater now that I have my own exclusive studio to operate my business from. I look forward to meeting and working with new clients in 2012. JC

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