The Modern Man: His Grooming Rituals

OK Gentle Men, I’ve been running around the globe for many years, during this time I’ve personally purchased and perused some of the best and worst in male perfumes, skin-care and body care products, haven’t you? As 21st Century men it’s our time to get a true understanding of what our grooming needs are and what they should entail to make the most of oneself. Let’s start this conversation with our biggest organ, and it’s not what you think, it’s your SKIN.

Today’s guys take care of themselves both on the inside and the outside, we like to know that the rituals we perform are fast, effective and truly life enhancing. Unless you believe that our biblical fore fathers lived for centuries, statistically we are living longer than ever before, so we must ensure that our skin, body and appearance are at their best until our ripe old age.

Our skin is the body’s largest organ, it is a living, breathing tissue designed to protect us from the differing environmental factors such as hot and cold, plus the outside world of disease and bacteria. That said, when your skin is cleansed, body scrubbed and moisturised it feels so silky smooth that your protected loved ones will be wanting your strong hugs for much longer. Diet plays a significant factor in healthy skin, eat lots of fresh cold water fish such as trout, herring and salmon and maintain hydration by consuming 1.5 litres of water a day, this includes herbal teas, juices and fresh fruit.

When bathing try to keep the water temperature at a warm setting rather than hot, especially during the winter months as hot water dries your skin which may leave you feeling like you’re shedding an old snake skin.

Believe it or not, your body LOVES exercise as the heat, sweat, expansion and retraction of the tissue both stimulates and cleanses your skin. As you train those toxins swim through your pores and perspire themselves into extinction, this is another reason that one would use a good quality soap or gel preferably with a cloth or loofah as this will scale away any excess debris left on the skin. Try out a local sauna and spa; challenging your hot to cold tolerance as you plunge into a cold water pool after a hot steam will invigorate your heart rate and make your skin clear and refreshed.

After a hard day at the office or indeed, a hard work out session, your body and skin may be soothed by a warm bath filled with your desired bath salt, bath milk or bath oil; as your muscles and connective tissues relax, your skin will be gently soothed and moisturised by your chosen bathing supplement.

Using a body lotion after a bath or shower will ensure moisture entrapment between your skin and the lotion and will give you a sense of armour like protection from those cold wintry days outside and indoor heated rooms alike.

Today’s man has a huge array of choices to ensure that his skin and body are well taken care of; explore your options as you bathe, moisturise and nurture your body, mind and that ethereal thing we call soul.

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