A Massage Today is as Good as Apples

Massage therapy relieves tightened joints, stretches and lengthens shortened postural muscles, increases blood flow and immunity as it assists lymphatic health and rejuvenates tired skin.

After 20 years working as a massage therapist I have witnessed the positive effects of regular treatments upon many people, this includes being healthier with more postural stability and feeling stronger within ones body, as well as feeling more emotionally happy and psychologically clear. So welcome aboard my ship of massage oil fantastic and let me guide you through some of the basic techniques of massage.

I call myself a Sport/Remedial Massage Therapist, which is to say that the technique I most often use is with a deep tissue pressure, I mobilise joints and stretch the global muscle groups such as the thighs, buttocks, chest and hamstrings. Most often I will apply pressure to the thoracic and lumbar spine to allow for a gentle manipulation, for my clients that are not too ticklish I knead into their feet and toes.

Sports massage is usually applied with a warming gel or topical balm to heat those troubled tight spots, in the autumn and winter I often use Neals Yard’s juniper and ginger massage oil which truly heats the muscles up when applied with my Thai style fast rubbing action.

Therapeutic Massage or Swedish Massage therapy was the first style that I studied back in 1991, the technique is focused on stimulating the lymphatic system which is an integral part of our immune system, and increasing an overall sense of relaxation. I developed the understanding of effleurage, a smooth flowing and circular motion and petrisage, to gently lift and squeeze the skin. Both of these movements stimulates blood flow which leaves the skin plump and filled with warmth. Therapeutic massage is often used in beauty salons as most facialists will use these styles to relax and gently stimulate their client during a facial treatment.

As my personal training and massage skills developed I have mixed the science of exercise, anatomy and physiology, massage and the art of living life into a rewarding career assisting others. As one studies the science of things you soon become aware of the ‘energy’ around people and our life itself, this has enabled me a developed sense of intuition around human posture, emotion, massage and how we sit within our body.

I have studied a variety of teachings in the fields of meditation and philosophy, including Buddhism, Kabbalah and Christianity; during my studies of both personal and professional exploration I was lead into the healing art of Reiki. Reiki is a ‘light of touch’ form of bodywork, it was developed in Japan over many centuries by a branch of Buddhist monks, it is a philosophy equal to it’s application, as are most traditional healing arts, and as such the benefits arise as a holistic technique for those practicing their chosen form.

Massage is best applied in a complimentary manner to your current health and lifestyle well being plan.

So whether one prefers a fast sports style, a slow therapeutic technique or something light and energetic your chosen massage therapist will be able to create a healing and health abiding package that’s just right for you, remember to exercise regularly and eat yummy fresh foods, this includes fresh crisp apples or you may bake them too. Try everything. You will discover and develop what is right for you.

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