Heart Rate, Heat and the Male Psyche

The Traditional Chinese Medical(TCM) perspective on heat, cold, dry and wet plays an integral role in the health of our contemporary brethren. As a personal trainer I have spent years blasting men’s heart rates to their max, after meeting Robert Ogilive’s acupuncture pins and eyes of wisdom I’ve been snake charmed; it’s time to look at health and fitness from a multi-disciplined approach.

It is said, somewhere in the books, “that a human heart has a limited amount of beats for it’s lifetime”, we don’t know how many heartbeats we have been given, so best we nurture this precious muscle with a healthy balance of nutritious foods, a regular strength training plan, a moderate level of cardiac strengthening and of course mouthfuls of love and goodness.

Once a man reaches a certain age, say around 4o something, I would suggest that he start training a little differently to how he once did at school and early career days. The modern pressures to be at the top may very well be placing more of a strain upon our hearts than is realised. From a TCM view point to maintain prolonged heat in the body creates too much yang (Yang=male, heat, light, heaven as opposed to Yin=female, cold, dark, earth) a constant fire burning will eventually cause the top to blow off. How many Alpha male scenarios are played out before our very eyes, remember too that our earthly environment is the macro-cosmic system of our micro-cosmic selves; global warming is happening to our world, as to our hearts.

As a keen runner I know the feeling of the run buzz, the catharsis of exercise is something that I will always enjoy; I have just discovered that the principles of interval training in combination with TCM could be the thing that will keep me going for many years to come. The idea is that short and fast bursts of activity are great for our hearts, it strengthens the Stroke Volume which equates to less heart beats at Resting Heart Rate. Strength training is also a fantastic form of short and fast bursts of energy and heat, as the heart rate shoots up quickly upon the exertion of maximum repetitions it then cools in between sets, from a TCM view the rising and lowering of heat to cold is to vary from Yang to Yin=Healthy Living.

The male psyche often requires external validation, we push ourselves to be on top in the office, playing badminton and perhaps in the bedroom too. Create some cooling balance amongst the heat of everything and live a long and prosperous one.

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