With a straight and newly waxed back the modern man has strengthened core stabilisers, nurtures his relationships, takes charge of his responsibilities and laughs at life’s misfortunes; yes gentlemen, we are the (e)volved Man.

As our world’s industry and technology is moving at an increasing faster pace, I believe that our human consciousness is mirroring our development, life forces feed into each other as delicate eco-systems. Our access to information is immediate; a tsunami of rules, goals and obligations can quake through us, so boys, what do we do with all of this?

For starters, honour yourself with a daily ritual of healthy eating, just for the record healthy eating is as easy as breathing air, just do it! Follow this with some structured exercise, go for a run, do some weights, strap on your slendertone exercise belt and pulse those weakened core muscles into their former toned stabilising selves. Today’s man has a strong back, he has to, our obligations require masculine support, the ability to compartmentalise the myriad of issues that arise during a day means that men can focus on one project and get the job done, then move on to the next. With the agility of a monkey, we can climb trees, corporate ladders and chin up bars, so strengthen the lats, upper trapesius and biceps.

Nurturing relationships is a mans pleasure, especially when he is clean and clear. He loves his duty, his responsibilites; our sense of agency grants men the skill of taking care of his charge with a uni-focus. We are designed to protect, so protect those you love with metaphorical strong arms and shield your chosen few with your integrity and self honour. Communication is the key, not soppy 1990′s New Age Man bollocks, but authentic words, talk about your thoughts on matters, football banter is great with your mates, but get real, hang out with your friends and discuss feelings, they are there to be explored not suppressed.

Laughter is Healing, and to use the monkey magic you gotta look at life’s tumbles and falls with a sense of Humour. Be global in your understanding of you and your role within your created world; see the bigger picture to your life experience. Men have a great capacity to hold onto his deeper worries, rather than eloquently express himself, he tends to guard his cards like a crack shooter at a  poker game. Release yourself to  honest expression, take an art class, needle point, do some theatre work, paint and play up with your kids.

Today’s leading man accepts his responsibilities with an open heart, strength of character and of course a fit and healthy body(FYI a hairy back is OK in my books!). The 21st century is here guys, tune in and Be (e)volved.

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