As a kid growing up in 1970′s  Australia we ate a chocolate bar called a Polly Waffle and the advertisement sang a tune that ” mmm, crunched, ahhed” ourselves into sugar heaven; memories of childhood laughter, friendship, sunshine and the bliss of eating sweets with silly names lingers well into ones life.

Running regularly, strength training, eating well and taking care of oneself is fun, at least for some of us, and yet, it is just as important to eat a Polly Waffle or something similar (Polly Waffles are no longer in production due to Nestle deeming them unprofitable). Some days just lay under the sunshine, relax with your friends and do any thing but yoga and eating your steamed greens. Creating the balance between living well and chilling out leads to many a harmonious day and will definitely reduce the stress.

After many years of being in ‘Fitness’ I can never emphasise enough to my clients the value in being balanced toward health and wellbeing. Sure, go on the crash diet, train super duper hard for a few months, reduce the alcohol or kick it aside for some time, relinquish the power of any other vice that may have it’s grip upon you, and be focused. Then, whence you have the handle on the habits, nibble on a chocolate, and sip on some wine as you may well discover that a little bit of naughty is truly delightful and compliments poached salmon and asparagus quite nicely.

I was devastated when I recently discovered the death of my childhood chocolate friend, I understand that Violet Crumbles still exist, a chocolate coated honey comb, so all things Down Under haven’t entirely sold out to corporate budget lines, and the kids smile on, mmm, crunch, ahh.

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