These past months have been particularly challenging for many people that I know, it appears that the economic downturn has sent a deep ripple of uncertainty into the consciousness of most of us, even our brave business stalwarts appear rattled.

I believe “a healthy Body creates clarity of Mind, which connects Spirit to the Whole”. We are physical beings, and as such our physical health is hugely important. We must ensure that we exercise regularly, eat fresh whole foods, drink great quality water and get a sound nights sleep (if you can). A body that is strong in muscle tone is able to hold itself in correct posture with ease, recovers quickly from illness or injury and feels ignited with energy as each day arises. Regular exercise increases bone density, ensures strong connective tissues of ligaments and tendons, enhances cardio-respiratory fitness, balances hormonal systems and creates a sense of true self respect.

I sprained my wrist a few weeks ago, it would appear the daily cycling, massaging and strength training schedule overloaded my ligaments, the shock of pain sent hot waves through my forearm as my mind quickly assessed the damage I had just created. As a massage therapist my hands are my work, I take particular care not to injure myself with repetitive muscular strains as is often the reason I may be treating a client, alas my little ligament had enough.

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