OK Gentle Men, I’ve been running around the globe for many years, during this time I’ve personally purchased and perused some of the best and worst in male perfumes, skin-care and body care products, haven’t you? As 21st Century men it’s our time to get a true understanding of what our grooming needs are and what they should entail to make the most of oneself. Let’s start this conversation with our biggest organ, and it’s not what you think, it’s your SKIN.

Massage therapy relieves tightened joints, stretches and lengthens shortened postural muscles, increases blood flow and immunity as it assists lymphatic health and rejuvenates tired skin.

There is no such thing as a coincidence. Circumstance continues to synchronise with all aspects of our existence; this includes our careers, loves, natures evolved beauty, and those apparently random successful and tragic scenarios that permanently impact our lives.

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