The Traditional Chinese Medical(TCM) perspective on heat, cold, dry and wet plays an integral role in the health of our contemporary brethren. As a personal trainer I have spent years blasting men’s heart rates to their max, after meeting Robert Ogilive’s acupuncture pins and eyes of wisdom I’ve been snake charmed; it’s time to look at health and fitness from a multi-disciplined approach.

With a straight and newly waxed back the modern man has strengthened core stabilisers, nurtures his relationships, takes charge of his responsibilities and laughs at life’s misfortunes; yes gentlemen, we are the (e)volved Man.

As a kid growing up in 1970′s  Australia we ate a chocolate bar called a Polly Waffle and the advertisement sang a tune that ” mmm, crunched, ahhed” ourselves into sugar heaven; memories of childhood laughter, friendship, sunshine and the bliss of eating sweets with silly names lingers well into ones life.

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