I was recently talking on UK national radio discoursing the benefits of positive living and spoke with some of the UK’s leading radio presenters about health, exercise and modern life; one of the presenters joked that his “Wii-injury” had laid him off from any exercise until his pulled hamstring heals. My initial laughter quickly abated as I suggested that preventative measures from injury can be easily attained by regular stretching and warming up before you slog it out with the Wii board.

OK Guys and Gals, it’s 2012 and most of us have a little dream about being leaner, stronger, healthier, sexier and ‘all round’ better than we were as the last year drew to its credit crunched close. So, let’s get your exercise and food plan on track and have you abdominal crunching like a mad bargain hunter at that Harrods sale.

It’s taken a month of painting, clearing out, wallpaper hunting and fabric gathering, alas we’ve finally completed the Gym Down Under: Private Personal Training Studio and Massage Treatment Room. After spending the past 3 years travelling the globe for a rock super star and then traversing London’s busy streets as a home service personal wellness coach, I’m looking forward to developing a friendly, successful and fun-loving fitness business.

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