Growing up in 1980s Australia we sang along to a television commercial” Life.Be in it. You gotta find 30, you gotta find 30 minutes a day”. The protagonist of this cartoon family was Norm the beer-gutted and TV-watching slouch who’s gorgeous wife Libby, the aerobics fanatic, attempts to educate her lazy man to exercise. So, be like an old school health slogan, get yourself up and out into the fresh air, take up that winter sport you’ve been meaning to compete in, roll up your leg warmers, slip into your spandex and set your feet loose on the aerobics gym floor, and take out (at least) 30 minutes a day.

Cross training is a fun and challenging way to make yourself fitter for the coming winter months, so come along and follow some of my personal training tips for strength training, power walking, dieting and making the most of our West London parks.

Exercise is so much more than a gym membership and a body to die for, and while your fitness levels may be improved by creating a structured fat-burning plan, training according to the season that you’re in can be enhanced by eating the fresh produce that’s immediately available. So, let’s train with a clear focus this autumn and reward ourselves with a figgy favourite that tastes great with every meal.

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