I have recently become a Media Ambassador for the company behind the patented Electronic Muscle Stimulating products called Slendertone, the abdominal belt and facial pads are seriously pulsing my muscles into form.

I just spent a day at a workshop hosted by Caroline Myss, spiritual teacher, historian, medical intuitive, an Original mind. Boy does this girl throw some punches, her wrathful compassion like that of a Zen master challenged the audience to stop crying for mothers milk, be present and grow up, my infantile limbs were tickled to attention.

As a kid growing up in 1970′s  Australia we ate a chocolate bar called a Polly Waffle and the advertisement sang a tune that ” mmm, crunched, ahhed” ourselves into sugar heaven; memories of childhood laughter, friendship, sunshine and the bliss of eating sweets with silly names lingers well into ones life.

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