I have had the privilege of traveling the world and meeting all sorts of  different people doing all sorts of different things. One never knows when a new friend is about to arrive or indeed when an old friend is about to depart; like our great oceans the flowing tides of love and relationship are in constant motion.

Friendships are formed by an electrical charge that zaps two people into a wondrous relationship, some people have that extra ‘thing’ going on; Malcolm Stansfield your brightness as a man now shines as a heavenly star, your laughter, your generosity of spirit and stunning charisma radiates so much warmth in many hearts.

We live in an era of a ‘Body Aesthetic Tyranny’- it’s the fashion of our time.

Self-acceptance, acceptance of others and understanding that fat and fit have equal roles within our wondrous and complex society is the intelligent way for us to approach our collective health and well being.

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